Breast lift

V Asymmetric breast ptosis after weight loss.

We did:

  1. Breast lift with inverted-T technique to the right side and breast lift with vertical scar to the left side
  2. Breast implant 250cc cohesive gel I to right side and 275cc implant cohesive gel I to the left side to achieve symmetry

VI. Breast lift after 40 kg weight loss (bariatric surgery)

We combined breast lift with circular and vertical scar only and 200 cc breast implants to achieve lift and augmentation the same time. In such cases is necessary to combine techniques in order to regain the young woman the rejuvenation of her breast.

VII Breast asymmetry with a 3rd degree of breast ptosis

We did:

Breast lift with a vertical scar only to the right breast and 225 cc silicone implant Cohesive I
and breast lift with a vertical scar only to the left breast and a 125 cc silicone breast implant Cohesive I We put the implants in a subfascial plane

VIII Breast lift revision with submascular breast implants high profile.

We did new breast lift with vertical and circumferential incision and we changed the location of the implants to subfascial and moderate plus cohesive I

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