Breast Reduction

For a woman, her breasts represent the symbol of feminism, maternity and sex appeal. However, and more importantly, it is a part of her body that in some cases could give rise to some physical and physiological problems, for instance, when breasts are large and pendulous.

 Mammaplasty as it is also known, usually starts at an early age (teenage years) and is maintained throughout and after pregnancy. It seems that the combination of certain hormones such as progesterone , prolactin, insoulin, estrogen etc, plays a significant role

 Main causes for large breasts are the excess fat and glandular tissue that exist inside and around the breasts.

Candidates for breast reduction

Breast reduction can be performed right after a girl finished comprehensive school. Breast reduction isn't performed until a woman's breast are fully developed (usually aged 18).The procedure is usually performed for physical relief as well as cosmetic since women with large breasts, experience back and neck pain, and at the same time they would prefer a smaller, better proportioned breast.

The chronic pain caused by large breasts, particularly during a normal menstrual cycle is another consideration for breast reduction.

Bra straps may leave indentations in the shoulders and skin irritation as it is quite common in the summer months.

Young women with large and pendulous breasts find it difficult to exercise and wear fashionable clothes making them feel extremely self-conscious.

Finally, it is difficult not only for a surgeon-oncologist but also for a woman herself to examine her breasts (periodic breast examination) for the search of any tumors, cysts etc.


Breast reduction surgery is performed in a private hospital with first class facilities. Breast reduction techniques vary, but all of them have a common objective of reducing and lifting large and pendulous breasts.

The surgeon prior to the operation will chart on the breasts the exact steps that he will need to follow during the procedure. It represents one of the most important stages for achieving a successful result since, it stipulates what needs to be removed and what to stay in order to shape the new breasts. The procedure last 3-3.5 hours.

After the procedure

After the surgery you will be wrapped in a special surgical bra for around 3 weeks. The bandages will be removed the following day when you will be able to return home and perhaps to work within the same week (depends on each procedure). Your stitches around the areola will be removed in 7-10 days after the operation.


Watch the procedure.

Breast Reduction, the procedure
Breast Reduction, the procedure


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