Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

This type of procedure is particularly helpful to women who, after pregnancies have stretched their abdominal muscles and skin, and also to both men and women after dieting and loss of weight in short periods of time.

This excess fat and loose skin is difficult to respond to exercise and diet, particularly after a certain age. As such, a lot of people feel frustrated since continuous exercise and aerobics prove to be unhelpful.

Abdominoplasty helps enormously. It is a surgical procedure to remove excess skin while simultaneously tightens the tone of the muscles. The cost for this is a scar (depending upon the extent of the problem), just above the pubic area which is covered up by the underwear.

There is an international classification of this procedure and it could fall into one of the following types:

Most commonly, the surgeon will make an incision which varies in shape and length, as it does depend on the extent of the problem. The procedure is performed at one of our private hospitals and the patient stays overnight returning home the following day.

After the operation

For the first few days you are likely to feel some pain and discomfort which can be controlled with medication. You will be given to wear a surgical dress for three weeks to help easy the pain during normal activities and to provide the best moulding. You can return to work after 8-10 days.

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Tummy Tuck, the procedure


Tummy Tuck ( Abdominoplasty). Photos