Email contact

Initially, you would need to complete the enquiry form in order to get an estimate of all the cost involved for your selected surgical procedure, including accommodation and traveling arrangements should you wish us to arrange it for you. Once satisfied, you would need to  complete our medical history form to be examined by Dr. Kapositas. A digital photo will be extremely useful as Dr. Kapositas would be able to make a better initial evaluation. Any further queries can be very easily answered via email, or telephone. We would finally ask you to complete the online booking form and forwarded onto us along with flight information.


On arrival at Athens El.Venizelos airport you will be met by your private chauffer and driven to your hotel. If an immediate appointment with Dr. Kapositas is not feasible you will have the opportunity to explore some of Athens beautiful sights or relax at your hotel.

Consultation Prior to Surgery

We will arrange an appointment with Dr. Kapositas as early as possible. Your chauffer will drive you to our medical practice and take you back to your hotel. During the consultation process Dr. Kapositas will have the opportunity to carry out a thorough examination and you will have the opportunity to ask any queries you may have. You will be under no obligation to proceed with the procedure till you are happy and fully satisfied. Fees will be paid directly to Dr. Kapositas.


Your chauffer will drive you to the clinic on the day of surgery ensuring you are admitted and ready to undergo your procedure.

Post Operative Period

It is not compulsory to stay in Athens during your recuperation period as it depends on your treatment and type of operation. We will advise you on the most suitable activities, i.e. relaxation, a tour in Athens, or incursions to nearby islands according to your requirements. The choice is yours.

Back home

It is important to keep in touch when you arrive home and let us know about your progress as any further queries or consultations will be answered accordingly.