Breast Lift

Over the years, factors such as gravity, multiple pregnancies, nursing, rapid weight loss or gain make a woman's breasts to sag. Breast lift is a surgical procedure to bring back the shape and the right anatomic position of sagging breasts. If breasts have lost their volume, especially after pregnancies, then breast lift can be performed in conjunction with the insertion of implants to achieve a better result.

Before you decide to go ahead with the procedure, think carefully about your expectations and discuss them with the surgeon.

In your initial consultation, it's important to discuss your expectations honestly with the surgeon and to listen to his opinion. Every patient has a different view of what is desirable size and shape for breasts.

The surgeon will examine your breasts and he will recommend the best technique appropriate to your situation. He should also describe the procedure in detail, explaining risk, scars etc.

Depending on your age and family history, the surgeon may also require having a mammogram before surgery.

The surgery

Breast lifts are usually performed under general anaesthesia but in selected cases the surgeon may select local anaesthesia combined with sedation. Breasts are lifted higher while incision takes the shape of an anchor. Some patients, especially those with relatively minimal sagging require less extensive incisions.

After the surgery

After surgery, you will be wearing a surgical bra for the best moulding without any feeling of discomfort. First change of bandages will take place the following morning and the only stitches removed are the ones around the areola.

Getting back to normal

Healing is a gradual process and you should be able to return to work after a week. You will need to wear the surgical bra for around 3 weeks.

Watch the procedure.

Breast Lift, the procedure
Breast Lift, the procedure


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