Injectable Materials

In time, our faces begin to show the effects of gravity, sun exposure and other facial expressions such as smiling, chewing etc, the underlying tissues that keep the skin look youthful and fresh start to break down especially in areas where the movements occur, such as smile lines, crow's feet etc.

Injectable materials, especially, hyaluronic acid & polygalactic acid can help fill in these lines and creases, restoring a fresher facial look. They can also be used to add fullness to the lips or in conjunction with laser, peeling or even face/forehead lifting.

Types of Injectable Materials

There is a wide variety of materials used but we prefer to use hyaluronic acid (lasts around 6 months) and polygalactic acid for deeper creases (nasolabial), its effectiveness lasts approximately 18-24 months.


Treatments are performed at our practice and we usually apply anesthetic cream or dentistry type anesthesia along with the candidate's co-operation.

After the Treatment

After the procedure you can return to work. Bruising may appear but it is temporary and easily covered with facial make-up.

Your new look

Men and women undergone this type of treatment have been very pleased and satisfied with the results gained.


Hylouronic acid. Photos