Otoplasty - Ear plastic surgery

Otoplasty is also known as ear plastic surgery. Prominent ears are a very common disorder which is easily treated with local anaesthesia. You should be aware that otoplasty is included among the simple procedures of plastic surgery provided the surgeon is fully experienced.

Otoplasty, Greece

ear pinning-otoplasty, Athens, Greece

Otoplasty, Greece


Ear plastic surgery,Greece,Athens

Unilateral otoplasty with deformity only on the left ear

Otoplasty and rhinoplasty performed at the same surgical time

Otoplasty in Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome

Asymmetrical otoplasty addressing a different problem on each ear

Otoplasty on the upper end of the ear to obtain the symmetry

To ensure symmetry following the patient's desire.
Otoplasty procedures are always performed with the cooperation of the patients and according to their desires.

Otoplasty on prominent ears mostly characterized by prominent lobs (en face photo) and deformation of the ear helix (Profile photo)

Otoplasty on a patient with normal concha on the right and hypertrophic on the left ear

The Molding otoplasty technique was performed on the right ear with the normal concha and the Cutting Otoplasty technique was performed the left one in order to achieve symmetry and a natural result. The above techniques represent two different schools of otoplasty and each one is applied according to case features.

Modifying the contour of the ear

Dysplasia which produced noise and was trapping water during the swimming


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