True Stories

Our candidate patients can contact previously operated patients regarding breast augmentation, rhinoplasty (nose surgery), otoplasty (ear surgery), gynecomastia, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), liposuction, etc, and call them or even meet them in person and have all their questions answered.

Videos - Testimonials

Breast augmentation: Flash recovery real story
Natasha a fashion model explains her flash recovery breast augmentation with Dr Kapositas and the way that her friend Roula 5 days later decided to have the same operation with the Dr.We put in Natasa a couple of 325 cc breast implants cohesive I (Mentor Co,USA)
Fashion Modeling and breast augmentation
Watch Dr. Kapositas elaborate on the particularities of in models and the desirable, applicable breast size in cases like this. Also, watch Christiana who works as a model and explains the reason behind her decision to undergo the procedure, how post-surgery castings got her new contracts, as well as her overall experience from the procedure. Christiana had 275 cc silicone implants inserted in her breasts (Cohesive I, Moderate Plus, Mentor, USA).
Breast augmentation on a fitness instructor after pregnancy
Watch the case of Natassa, who, after her pregnancy, underwent a breast augmentation surgery performed by Dr. Kapositas. Natassa was placed 300 cc Mentor (USA) Cohesive I implants with the Subfacial technique. She talks about how she experienced the surgery as a fitness instructor, if she was in pain, when she resumed her highly demanding professional activities (aerobic, pilates, etc) and how the surgery helped her improve her every day activities and quality of life.
Breast Asymmetry Correction with Breast Implants Case
Christine describes the Breast Asymmetry Correction with Breast Implants she underwent, in every detail. The surgery was performed by Dr. Kapositas, who applied the new Subfacial technique and inserted a 225 cc Cohesive I silicone implant on the left breast and a 300 cc Cohesive I silicone implant on the right one. She elaborates on the research she had done prior to visiting Dr. Kapositas, her overall experience from the new Subfacial technique and advises all interested ladies on what to do prior to a breast augmentation surgery.
Facial Implants Case (mandibular angle augmentation and genioplasty)
Plastic Surgery of the 4th Plane

Watch on video the interview given by the famous actor Assimakis Alexiou. He talks about the implant surgeries he underwent -mandibular angle and chin augmentation (genioplasty)- performed by Dr. N. Kapositas. Moreover, Dr. Kapositas talks about the philosophy behind the plastic surgeries of the 4th plane in order to achieve a strong face.
Male Breast Enlargement Case (Gynecomastia)
The video starts with a short introductory interview given by Dr. Kapositas on the international classification of gynecomastia according to Simon, and continues with Dimitris' true story. Dimitris goes over his gynecomastia problem, his long-term efforts to dismiss it by diet and exercise and how he finally eliminated it through surgery. He also talks about what he did prior to the surgery, the whole procedure, his fast and pain-free recovery and his return to his professional activities. See what he advises men experiencing the same problem with him.
Breast Lift combined with Silicone Implants
Prior to her two pregnancies, Eleni's breast was size 3 (C cup). Upon childbirths, her breast deflated and shrank from cup C to cup B, resulting to a slight breast sagging (ptosis). The surgery she was subjected to was moderate breast lift via an orbicular and small vertical incision according to Dennis Hammond, in order to regain her youthful breast appearance. 275cc Cohesive I silicone implants were placed for the restoration of loss of volume and firmness. Watch Eleni on video describing her experience 6 months after the surgery which was performed by Dr. Kapositas.
Breast Augmentation case with 300cc silicone gel cohesive I implants. 6 months later, the patient also underwent a rhinoplasty and nasal septum surgery.
In this video, Amalia explains the reasons behind her decision to have 2 plastic surgeries; a breast augmentation and, 6 months later, a rhinoplasty and nasal septum surgery. She analyzes how she chose Dr. Kapositas, her concerns, her recovery period and how her psychology changed after breast augmentation and rhinoplasty, how her social environment reacted to the results and many more.
Breast Augmentation Surgery Case carried out by Dr. Kapositas using the Subfacial Technique with 350 cc Cohesive I Moderate Plus Profile Silicone Breast Implants.
In this video, Maria explains the reasons behind her decision to undergo a Breast Augmentation surgery, her experience with anesthesia, how she chose the implant size at Dr. Kapositas' office, her post-operative course, the pain and how she experiences the aesthetic result both in terms of looks and texture.
Two Otoplasty Cases. Otoplasty for Prominent Ears.
In this video, Christos analyzes why he decided to be subjected to an Otoplasty. He elaborates on the procedure prior to surgery, his experience during recovery, what his friendly environment commented on the results and gives some pieces of advice to all candidate male and female patients.

Watch the video in which Malvina describes her overall experience from the otoplasty she had. The surgery was performed by Dr. Kapositas, who applied the atraumatic technique he's been using since 1998.

Two Breast Augmentation Cases, New Subfacial Technique and Rhinoplasty.

1st Part
Chrysa and Evi are friends. They 're both air hostesses and were both subjected to Breast Augmentation with 300 cc and 325cc silicone gel cohesive I implants, respectively, each at a different time.
2nd Part
Evi, apart with her breast augmentation, underwent a synchronous rhinoplasty.
They discuss about their experiences from the surgeries performed by Dr. Kapositas.
Liposuction - Liposculpture

In this video, Mara talks with Katerina about the reasons behind her decision to have the surgery, her worries prior to the surgery, her experience from the procedure, the extent to which her life changed and many more.