Buttock augmentation and lift (brazilian butt lift-bbl),Greece

Having gained great popularity and interest over the last years by the media, buttocks augmentation and lifting are now procedures with gradually increasing demand. New techniques have been added in the armory of plastic surgeons along with new perspectives on the body's image as this is defined by new standards on buttocks, back and flanks of the female and male body.

The contemporary rationale of buttocks aesthetics

The rationale is not to merely have bigger buttocks but rather to create a new image of the posterior body surface that will be more attractive and aesthetically improved while, at the same time, the buttocks are contoured. To fully understand the Brazilian Butt Lift, see the classification of the posterior female body types below.

Classification of buttocks shapes

There are four body types

1. A-shape body (pear shape)
2. V-shape body (apple shape)
3. Square Shape body
4. Round Shape body

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Always according to your individual preferences and anatomy, we consult on various solutions all aiming to the transformation of the back view of the body and the ideal volume and shape of the buttocks.

Due to the great success of fat transfer (fat grafting) using 3-D assisted high expertise liposculpture and lipotransfer, we are able to remodel the shape of the back and the buttocks. The rationale is based on the removal of fat from various parts of the body such as the abdomen, the back, the "love handles" (flanks) and all sides of the thighs.
The planning of fat removal depends on the optimal desirable aesthetic result as well as on the training of the plastic surgeon in this particular area of expertise. The photo depicts 10 regions on the female back side from where we can remove fat so as to create an S-curve between the back and the buttocks. Parts on the buttocks where the fat is subsequently injected are also depicted.

The removed fat is placed in a sterile bag. Following the applicable process in order to separate pure fat from all other ingredients, the fat is then inserted into special syringes. The parts of the buttocks where the fat will be injected are pre-operatively determined.

The volume of pure fat to be removed and injected back ranges between 800-1200cc. Fat injection is performed by grafting technique on a 3-D approach via special cannula and in multiple layers (in the gluteus maximus muscle). The technique has changed compared to previous years when fat transfer was low in volume and fat injection was performed in higher surface layers. It is really impressive how the body and buttocks transform after the procedure. The swelling caused by the procedure gradually recesses.
The patient is hospitalized overnight to fully recover and receive antibiotics and mild analgesics. For a period of 10-15 days after the procedure, the patient should sleep on her side or face down.

Our sleeping position is considered as a factor contributing to better recovery and long-term survival of the fat injected into the buttocks. All women must wear a special corset for 3-4 weeks after the procedure. Apart from localized bruises, no procedure-induced complications occur.

Featured Case Patients of MD Nodas Kapositas

27-year-old patient '.F.

24-year-old patient G.'.

Watch the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure performed by Dr Nodas Kapositas M.D,PhD

Brazilian Butt Lift, the procedure
Watch the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure performed by MD Nodas Kapositas on a 28-year-old female. 1200cc of fat were removed from the abdomen, the back, the flanks and the thighs. The removed fat was then equally divided and injected (600cc) into either buttock.


Gluteal ptosis (saggy buttocks)

The category of butt lift also includes cases of saggy buttocks (skin ptosis) treatable with lifting. Before discussing the types of butt lift procedures, see the contemporary classification of gluteal ptosis:

Ptosis grades

A. Grade I
In Grade I cases, it seems like no ptosis has occurred yet, we observe a degree of looseness (laxity) slightly under the subgluteal fold. In such cases, a Brazilian butt lift or an implant would suffice.
B. Grade II
In this category, skin ptosis is more evident and the subgluteal fold seems to decline. Skin loosening is accompanied by stretch marks and gluteal flattening. Grade II cases are managed with butt augmentation.
C. Grade III
In Grade III cases, skin ptosis is more distinct and exceeds 30o. It is accompanied by huge loss of elasticity, wrinkles and stretch marks. Treatment comprises of butt lift and augmentation combined.

The types of lifting are classified as follows:

1. Inner and Posterior Thigh Lift

This category regards patients who have lost weight or have normal weight but they have loose skin (laxity) localized at the inner and posterior leg region. The procedure results in the rejuvenation of this area.
Inner leg lift is performed via a small incision on the inner thighs. The lower surface skin is anchored on the pubic bone and the incision done on the groin is not visible. The incision may be extended to the infragluteal fold to facilitate the simultaneous lift of the posterior thighs. The technique requires very careful recovery and particularly localized care to prevent any humidity in the area in order to avoid undesirable delays in post-operative recovery.

Brazilian Butt Lift, the procedure
Watch the inner thigh lift technique performed by Dr Nodas Kapositas


2. Butterfly Lift

The Butterfly Lift technique has replaced circumferential abdominoplasty. The incisions are done on the posterior segment of the bikini line and are not noticeable.

3. Thong Lift- Intergluteal cleft lift

Figure 1.Normal intergluteal cleft - Normal Diamond shape

Figure 2

Figure 3. Flattening � horizontal

Figure 4. C-lift technique

Figure 5. Procedure planning

This technique is performed to lift the intergluteal cleft and inner thigh region. The incisions are hidden in the interior of the bikini line and are not visible. They are combined with 4-5 tissue lifting sutures.

4. C-Lift

When treating a case as the one presented in Figure 4, we can combine Butterfly lift, intergluteal lift and inner leg lift procedures. The incision is C-shaped and so the procedure is called the C-lift technique.

The C-shaped incision aims to deliver an even better lift of the upper and outer segment of the thighs. The strategic placement of fat in designated parts of the buttocks assists in lifting the buttocks without the need of implants.
The eligibility of patients for this procedure is of great importance in order to achieve the optimal aesthetic outcome.



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